Friday, March 12, 2010

excitement in the new financial year

Had a planning meeting yesterday at work...quite fruitful, I must say. Well, planning is all fine...the implementation and course correction is what we've really to take care of. As Mary Poppins would say: "A thing well begun is half done." So, I'm hoping that our planning is half the work done. We plan to make posters of the plan and put it up for the BD team so they can constantly use it to check the progress of business: course correction will hopefully be much easier with this sort of display.
On a different note, I think my English has really degenerated.....thanks to the three days that I spent onsite with a trainee group earlier this week. My grammar is all over the place, my spellings are messed up, and I appear all the time confused about correct usage. Well, this really shows that the group you work with has tremendous and often times, subconscious/unconscious influence on you - in terms of language, thinking, behavior..the works!
I am as usual waiting for my chief motivator - Ratnamma with her cup of coffee post lunch - it kind of wakes me up and puts me back on until then, will continue to pretend that I'm lazing somewhere in Kerala, amidst coconut palms, backwaters, and silent boats.

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