Tuesday, April 27, 2010

life's musings

Geez, can't believe I so 'regularly irregular' with my blogging!! You know, it's funny...before I began to blog, I thought I'd have so much stuff to share...and now that I do have a blog, I don't blog at all...contradictions galore!!

What does one talk about...go from general to specific? Yeah, I think I'll do that....what's with the IPL mess? Firstly, I don't real care for the game as such. I've tried a lot to enjoy it but I don't...that the awful truth. Secondly, the IPL kinda creates a lot of intrusion....I wonder if someone's doing a study of how many marriages break up because of cricket...I mean because of spouses being cricket fans...my own spouse is a die-hard cricket buff, and if he's gonna watch every other match over a month and a half (which is the duration of the IPL), there's not much happening in our relationship....not to mention the fact that the TV being on means I get to sleep later than usual!! Plus, don't forget we have the Tri-series, the World T20, India playing every other cricketing nation, geez...it's such an overdose of cricket and I am certain that half the people in this country have stopped talking big time coz that's what happens every time there's been a match telecast. What's with us, anyway....I know that for Indians, cricket is a religion but taking it to such heights is crazy.....not to mention the rot within....it's such sleaze and I think unravelling the IPL will be like untying knots that might take forever and quite impossible too.

On untying knots, I did quite a bit of it myself over the last week...in terms of whether I want to do deeper spiritual exploration...and I think somewhere I realized that I'm not ready for it as yet and have given up the aspiration...well, not given up but sort of put it on the backburner. It was quite confusing and stressful to make the decision, but I am glad I've reached a decision.

And talking about decision making, I am neck-deep in de Bono's theory of TO-LO-SO-PO-GO. So, off I'll go now and continue to look at more ideas on 'creative thinking.' Well, that's what the IPL managing team did - a whole lot of creative thinking.

Ooh, everything seems tied in and connected in this particular post.

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