Friday, April 30, 2010

Crisis Management

Crisis management: that's what happened majorly in my life this week. Kids will forever be kids....our kid is the same...had a huge last-minute challenge sitting 5000 miles away and we had to troubleshoot from here, that crazy or what! multiple people got into action...there was an office assistant running around; there was my bro and me running around..there was hubby dear running around....all in different directions, getting paper work done, getting cash flow in...and viola....'all's well that ends well.' What a nightmarish 24 hours...never wanna go up that path again. But yeah, in a way, I think it did some real 'character building' in our kid. And we learned so much about crisis management: it calls for coordination, it calls for charting the critical path, it calls for tons of communication and updating; having a solid circle of influence - to move papers and officials and every thing else that matter - and most important of all, crisis management requires an 'umbrella view' - the uncanny ability to look down from the top and see the entire happenings - great place to be provided it's the right time, not during an sort of become a 'fly' with a 360-degree vision....ability to look around and see everything as a macro, connected whole.

I'm glad India & Pakistan have started talking again...thanks to the SAARC summit...I think that's what's missing in this world...people don't 'talk' enough to each other...if we could just sit and 'talk,' I think everyone will be more at peace....I can think right now of two relationships: one at work and one in the family - both needs just good old-fashioned 'talking' but it won't happen that easily, thanks to our super-egos and the 'what-ifs.'

Got to go now...I've a someone special peering over my shoulders at this and that breaks my line of thought. Love you world!!

And I specially love my SON!!

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